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As promised, here is the latest news on the new 28 gallon Nano Cube aquarium. Here are the Auto Cad drawings of what the new 28 gallon Nano Cube aquarium is going to look like and its new features. The release date is set for mid -late March 2007. There are 300 due into the USA and ACI will be the first to release.

Retail pricing on the 28 gallon Nano Cube: $499.00- $550.00
Nano Cube 28 gallon stand: $129-$149.00

Pre-Order Now

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JBJ Launches its' MEGA powered 28g Nano-Cube HQI- Reef Series.

The new 2007 model incorporates many high-tech features not commonly found in "All-in-One" systems. The new concept behind the 28g Nano-Cube HQI was inspired by hundreds of reef hobbyists who requested higher powered lighting, protein skimming, increased water circulation, a more simplified filter, storage area in the stand for chillers, and designated water level columns in the rear chambers for heaters, refugiums, and protein skimmers.

Our challenge was to offer these key features while still keeping the aesthetic appeal and contemporary look of an integrated canopy and allowing for future mod ability.

The 28g Nano-Cube HQI - Reef Series is truly the evolution of years of experience since the original Nano-Cube Aquarium, which launched the small "All-in-One" tank market just 4 years ago.

Nano Cube 2007

Take a look at the many features added to make your Nano Cube experience a success!

* (1) 150 Watt HQI /14K
* (4) Nite-Vu LEDs with Separate Power cord
* (2) UL-Listed Accela Power heads (266 gph each/ 16w each)

* (2) Directional Flow Nozzles on each side of the aquarium
* (1) Ocean Pulse Duo - Alternating Wave Maker
* (1) Protein Skimmer (Counter Current) with Air Pump
* (1) Integrated Center Overflow
*(1) Newly redesigned filtration system with designated heater column and protein skimmer column
with constant water levels.

* (4) Integrated Cooling Fans (3000 RPM's)
* (1) Flame Retardant ABS Canopy Housing
* (1) Integrated Thermal Protector for Canopy (Auto Shut Off Protection)
* (1) Removal Filter Media Basket with handle and Sliding Door for easy access.
* (1) Filter Media - Sponge, Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings


Mega Illumination:

The new 28 gallon Nano Cube offers the most intense illumination system out of the box, boasting a whopping 5.35 watts of power per gallon. Combined with our new German Parabolic Reflector, it casts sparkling shimmering rays from every corner of the aquarium. Definitely the choice for hobbyists who intend to keep hard corals, sps, and clams.

The 28g Nano Cube HQI comes equipped with(1) 150 Watt Double Ended HQI/14K for daytime photo periods and (4) Nite-Vu LEDs for nocturnal photo periods. Nite-Vu LEDs are offered with its' own individual power cord for timer usage.

Nite Vu LEDs are strategically placed on all four corners to evenly distribute moon lighting throughout the aquarium. All LEDs are pre-wired individually with its' own male plug for easy replacement. Consumes less than 1 watt of power, but strong enough to illuminate nocturnal behaviors.

3 stage filtration system for the 2007 Nano Cube

Smart Filtration

Our newly redesigned filter starts as water enters the center overflow. The water is directed into our new 3-Stage Filter Media Basket, which comes installed with a mechanical sponge, chemical activated carbon, and biological ceramic rings.

2007 Nano Cube filter basket-keeps out unwanteds from your aquarium

Protein Skimmer

The first Nano-Cube to incorporate an integrated protein skimmer in the rear chamber with an adjustable hanging bracket. This counter-current design effectively removes dissolved organics while oxygenating the water. This protein skimmer produces absolutely NO micro-bubbles back into the main body of the aquarium!

Nano Cube 2007 built in protein skimmer

Discarding the skimmate in the collection cup is easily accomplished by removing the removable cup or by setting up a skimmate container such as an empty 2-liter soda bottle. A drain hole and hose is provided for the latter option. Air pump and hose is included with a replaceable wooden air stone. The collection cup holds approximately 0.30 liters of skimmate. Water level is held constant in the protein skimmer column even when the rear compartment filter area runs dry

Custom aquariums Nano Cube protein skimmer

Each skimmer is equipped with an adjustable hanging bracket. This bracket attaches to the filter wall and can be adjusted higher or lower to desired skimmate consistency.

We recommend changing the wooden air-stone every other month for the most consistent foam and micro-bubble production. The entire protein skimmer is removable for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Airline holder and drain hose holder have been designed into the rear aquarium frame. This integrated design keeps hoses organized and prevents kinking.

Simply, insert hoses into the provided holes for a secure hold and clutter-free set-up.

It is recommended to give the protein skimmer a break-in period up to 7 days before it starts to effectively remove dissolved organic compounds from the water.

wood stone for the Nano Cube protein skimmer


Product Name: 28g Nano-Cube HQI - Reef Series
Item Code: MT-60-LED
Tank Volume: 28 Gallons
Glass Thickness: 6mm
Accela Pumps (2) : 266 gph / 16 watt

Cooling Fans (4) : 3000 rpm / Ball Bearing Type

Ballast: Remote Magnetic / UL Recognized Component with Quick Disconnect

Lighting: (1) 150 Watt Double Ended HQI / Kelvin: 14,000K

LEDs (4) : Nite-Vu LED with separate power cord

*Optional Stand: 18" x 22" x 32" with vented chiller storage compartment

cad drawing Nano Cube 2007 NEW

Stay Cool

The secret to our cool running canopy is our artistic canopy which also serves as a key factor in heat dissipation. All Canopies are made from Flame Retardant ABS Plastic. The 4 cooling fans are paired on 2 separate circuits in case one set of fans were to ever lose performance or fail. We've even gone one step further as a safety feature and added a thermal protector into the canopy. In the event all fans fail.... the thermal protector will automatically shut off the HQI lighting until temperatures reach safe conditions from the excess heat.

Easy Feeding:

New feeding lid is lighter than the previous full front lid. Grants quick and easy access for feeding and retrieving water samples without lifting the entire hood.

Note: New HQI Canopy & Ballast will be offered as an upgrade lighting kit for existing 24g Nano Cube Deluxe Owners.

Top view 28 gallon Nano Cube 2007

Our unique 3-Stage Filter Media Basket can host a variety of chemical media's to suit your needs. Cleaning is especially easy, since all you have to do is lift up on the basket handle and watch the water drain out the bottom for a simple and dry filter change. All baskets have a sliding door for added convenience.

Once the water leaves the filter basket water is split to the designated heater column to the left and the protein skimmer to the right. Please note that the area that contains the heater, protein skimmer and 3-Stage Filter Media Basket always has a constant water level. You can easily customized other auxiliary equipment to your aquarium without worrying about water levels in the rear compartment fluctuating. No more broken heaters or heaters that automatically shut off due to evaporation and low water levels.

Once the water is heated and skimmed, the water overflows into the pump water columns. Both pump columns are shared increasing the water volume for long weekends. Water is directed back into the main body of the aquarium via (2) Accela Pumps rated at 266 gph at a low energy draw of 16watts. Your Nano Cube HQI includes our new Ocean Pulse Duo Wave maker which creates turbulent currents for a more natural reef environment. Your wave maker can be set from 10 seconds to 6 minute alternating cycles. Water is returned via (2) directional return nozzles on each side of the center overflow for even natural currents.

wave maker and directional nozzles Nano Cube 2007

Same Integrated Canopy Appeal:

The new 28g Nano Cube HQI offers 3.5" more depth than the previous 24g Nano Cube Deluxe. This larger aquarium grants more space for live rock, corals, and fish. We made sure to keep the stylish appearance of an "All-in-One" unit while providing open access into the newly expanded rear filtration compartments. This revolutionary design grants easy access for modifications without the constant hassle of drilling, cutting, and working within space constraints due to the canopy.

Nano Cube 2007 canopy aquarium


Rear Filtration Access

The rear filtration area is open and grants full access without opening the canopy. This unique baffle design naturally keeps water temperatures more stable through natural evaporation. Chiller inlet and outlet tubes can be fitted easily without the need to cut holes into the rear of the canopy.

Stand Tall

The perfect compliment to exhibit your reef aquarium. Our new design stands at 32" high for better viewing .The cabinet stand is offered with (2) removable shelves and is designed to fit a small chiller inside without reducing the air flow required by chillers




Looking for something larger or custom? Look around, we're sure you will find something that surpasses your expectations.

custom aquariums.