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While some wall fountains are bulky, loud and look cheaply made, our Adagio line is by far the nicest indoor wall fountain on the market. Made from all natural Indian slate and stainless steel, these fountains add a touch of class and elegance to any standard wall. The Inspiration collection come in a variety of colors and shapes all with unique slate designs.

We have arranged the complete collection on two display sheets, you will find a link to the second and final sheet at the bottom of this page.

Click on image to be taken to pricing and descriptions.


Green Indian Slate with stainless steel frame, $1,799 Rustic copper with black slate face, great home improvement idea Inspiration falls 1004, multi color Indian slate with rustic copper frame Inspiration falls 1002, green slate rustic copper frame Unique black slate with stainless steel frame Adagio wall fountain 2" src="function.js">