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What is a Nano Cube aquarium? Simply put, a small self contained aquarium capable of sustaining both saltwater and freshwater aquatic life. The Nano Cube by JBJ is the original Nano Cube, and in our opinion, by far the only Nano Cube that should be on the market. This all glass aquarium has rounded corners with an ultra modern light canopy. Additionally, the Nano Cube aquarium has an adequate filtration system capable of maintaining a mini reef aquarium right out of the box. Yes, we use the word "Adequate" due to the inherent limitations posed by such a small aquarium. In other words, given the limited space, the Nano Cube aquarium has the perfect filtration for it's size and shape.

NEW: Nano Cube 28 Gallon 2007 HERE (Auto Cad)

If you're considering buying a Nano Cube aquarium this page will cover basic information you should know prior to buying.


Nano Cube Aquarium 24 gallon, reef tank shown
Is the Nano Cube aquarium right for you?
Where do I place my Nano Cube aquarium?
Setting up your Nano Cube for the first time. Equipment list-replacement parts
Nano Cube maintenance guide, latest Nano Cube news-Upgrades  
How Aquariums work (Nitrogen cycle) Aquarium Cycling Chart
What is a protein skimmer? What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

What's better, glass or acrylic?

Who do I trust to build my tank?
Aquarium terms/glossary? How do I clean my aquarium?

As with any aquarium, the Nano Cube requires the same commitment and patience. We highly recommend reading as much as you can on the subject of fish keeping. You can find everything you need with a few clicks and some common sense.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet, learn to question and explore further if you don't feel comfortable with a particular method, system or suggestion. The Nano Cube aquarium, while perfect for the beginner, does have its drawbacks. The Nano Cube is a smaller aquarium; therefore, the margin for error is extremely low with severe consequences. Don't pour money down the sink, take it slow and ask for advice.

The Nano Cube aquarium is a fun and stylish fish tank that will provide years of enjoyment and volumes of aquatic education. The Nano Cube is great for ages 10+ and requires nothing physical to maintain. The Nano Cube has been a great companion for those physically challenged and provides a sense of calm and relaxation.

Custom aquariums, aquarium supplies, acrylic aquariums and aquarium decorations. See our client list for custom aquariums.

NEWS FLASH: Latest Nano Cube News: Nano Cube 2007 28 Gallong Due March 2007

Say it isn't"t so Joe ...Afraid it is, the new Nano Cube 2007 28 Gallonn should be out early to mid 2007 and is full of extras that will make the Nano Cube even better than its predecessors. We have images of what the new Nano Cube will look like but cant reveal those until early next year. ACI is looking for a few testers to test the New Nano Cube prior to its launch. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please email us at nano2007@acicorp.us along with your experience level and interests.