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Aquarium lighting plays a vitally important role in the health and beauty of your aquarium. A reef aquarium's best friend is metal halide lighting, but for those on a tighter budget, there are many different aquarium fluorescent lights-including power compact, VHO (Very High Output), T-5 High Output, and Standard (including full spectrum and actinic)-that can make your aquarium sparkle.

Metal Halide Lamps
They do produce great quantities of lumens and a gorgeous "shimmering" appearance underwater. Used properly by themselves, or in concert with fluorescent's, they are the closest mimics to natural lighting for captive systems.

Differing types abound. Be warned that the majority of lamps sold for aquarium lighting are not properly matched to the needs of a marine system. Plant-growing, warm and �broad� spectrum fluorescent's are a bad joke for marine livestock and plants. I want to be completely clear about this: when buying basic fluorescent's, you only want full-spectrum lamps.

Keep in mind, however, that full spectrum aquarium lights still provide the most biologically effective lighting power, and the actinic's may be doing more for your eyes than for your specimens.

Mini Compact
The Canopy conceals the lighting and reflector combination chosen to achieve the desired "color rendering" and growth of aquatic life.